Saying No to Opportunities

As your business grows there will come a time when you can be more selective in the type of opportunities you pursue. The last thing you want is to take on work that doesn’t benefit your business or organisation. That’s all good and well… but how do you define a profitable and beneficial job from the rest?

You yourself may be able to rely on gut instinct, but what about the rest of your team? Are they able to identify a profitable job without you? Do they know the selection criteria?

To assist your profitability, give your sales team the freedom to say no. Have them answer the following questions before approaching you for approval:

  1. Did the lead provide enough information about what they need or want?
  2. Did the lead provide the budget of what they are willing to spend?
  3. Is the budget viable and reasonable to make a profit?
  4. Have they contacted your competitors for a quote?
  5. Are they comparing apples with apples?

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