Skills – Employee Competency Management tool

Ever wondered whether you’ve got the right people working on the right project?

Fortix is working on a new tool, named ‘Skills’, that is able to help you solve this problem.

‘Skills’ allows managers to assess the skill level of their employees in a common, customisable ranking system, and update as their employees grow.

This tool has significant benefits for an organisation:

  • Proactively resource for new projects based on skill-set
  • Identify growth opportunities for high-talent staff
  • Quickly see where employees have competency gaps, and train or expose to low-risk projects to fill these gaps
  • Increased organisational efficiency based on knowledge of organisation’s ‘core competencies’

In short, ‘Skills’ enables an organisation to learn about and track the progress of their staff’s skill set – a key piece of knowledge that almost always leads to positive results.

Want to take the next step towards world-class competency development?. Contact Fortix to discuss how we can customise ‘Skills’ for your organisational needs.

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