Stay in touch with Clients to Succeed

We communicate with our clients whenever they call or visit us. Which in some cases turns out to be only once a year, or just once altogether. So then what is the likelihood of them visiting us again, or recommending us to their network?

One way for your brand to stand out, is to stay in touch with your clients. Tell them that you appreciate their loyalty, or send them regular updates about your business, and you will build a strong long lasting relationship. Remember that looking after your current clients is just as important as finding new ones.

Here are some benefits of staying in touch with your clients, and some tips on how to go about it.

Increase sales

Your happy customers telling their friends about your services are your best marketing tools. It is therefore important to keep your brand fresh in their mind.

You can do so by regularly distributing your company newsletter, or by making quick follow up calls.

Build trust

Trust in a company is often a deciding factor for clients when contemplating where to purchase a product. People want to make sure, that a company that they are buying from is going to deliver what they order.

One way that you can build a trustworthy brand, is by communicating honestly about your successes, as well as failures. Use your newsletters to tell people about your latest progress, or about how you have learned from your mistakes.

Improve your business

Being a business owner means that, you don’t get to experience your company’s customer service from your client’s perspective. It is therefore important that you listen to your clients’ feedback, as it offers invaluable suggestions, on how to improve your business to better meet their needs.

You can collect people’s feedback by sending out surveys or questionnaires, that can be designed to target any area of your business. Ensure that you analyse answers, and try to spot recurring trends that indicate what your clients like, and dislike the most.

Fortix CRM and Communication

Fortix CRM can be configured to send automatic follow up messages to selected contacts. This functionality ensures that your clients are contacted, even when you don’t have a spare minute during that day.

Fortix can also synchronise with Mailchimp, so when you are sending your newsletter you can send it to all your contacts at once.

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