Two for One: Sync Data

Increasing the value in your business can be as simple as ensuring contact details of your clients remain current.  We know the world is not perfect and some things are easier said than done. With customers changing office locations, mobile phone numbers, postal addresses, it can be a nightmare for your staff to manage!

Since January this year, we have been formulating the most effective method for your staff to keep their sanity intact.  It comes in the form of a tick box, called Sync Data.


So what does this mean?  If you have Mary Smith and Michelle Smith as two different contacts in the system, you can apply a relationship between the two of them (in this case, siblings). Let’s say they have a business together, hence the same contact details (addresses and phones) will always apply for both.

The normal process would require your staff to edit Mary’s and Michelle’s contact details separately, but with this new feature, the most recent details will be updated in BOTH contacts. Automatically!

You can now safely rely on your marketing campaign analytics to provide you and your marketing team reliable statistics for discussion!



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