Understanding the TRUE meaning of prosperity

Prosperity and the mention of prosperity always never fails to get our attention. It has become the ultimate goal and mission in life of so many all over the world, yet had remained elusive and had robbed so many of living their lives in the “present”. To set the premise here for what I am about share here, I would like to state here that “possession of considerable financial resources” is the lowest form of identification with prosperity, though we do acknowledge the need for adequate finances to sustain us. To illustrate what I mean here in more detail, let us look at what money can and can`t buy:

  • Money can buy a house but not a Home;
  • Money can buy a beautiful bed but not Sleep;
  • Money can buy all kinds of vitamins, medicine and best medical treatment but not Health;
  • Money can buy companionship but not Friendships;
  • Money can buy influence but not Respect; etc.

Hence it is so clear that the “intangibles” in life which truly define life, cannot be bought with money or through financial prosperity. With this being the case, it is evident that “wealth and prosperity” are not defined by possession of finances alone. Hence this begs the question, “what is prosperity all about?” In order to understand what being prosperous truly is, we need to dispel some misconceptions and myths surrounding it. Living in order “to arrive at a destination” where prosperity is concerned, is one of the great myths which mankind has been subjected to, which had robbed millions of truly enjoying life. Our pursuits in life can blind us if we do not check ourselves and appreciate what truly defines life. Only and only when we are truly enlightened as to what defines living in prosperity, can we then endeavour to INVEST in what is TRULY meaningful and important to our lives. A life principle that has been set in place similar to that of gravity being a physical principle is, “we can ONLY reap what we sow”. Hence without an investment, there is no return in anything, in this life. The “if only dis-ease” if I can put it this way, has plagued us for generations and had held us in bondage to the point that so many are resigned to the fact that “If Only this or If Only that” happens, then and only then I can be “truly” happy or deemed prosperous. Here is the truth which we need to realise and realise deep inside of us if we are to live in prosperity, which is, “prosperity is not a destination” but “a revelation arising from a truth encounter.” A revelation of seeing the goodness surrounding us and being thankful daily for these while on the journey of life. This goodness comprises of so many things which are obvious and “in our face” but are easily ignored or blinded towards, such as having a good family, good health, healthy children, good relationships, good colleagues etc. These “truth encounters” can come through the following means:

  • Personal experiences in life which opens up an inner dimension of realisation or an awakening, hence we have all come across people who have obtained such an enlightenment when they have been on their hospital beds or have undergone some personal traumatic experience;
  • By keen observation of the experiences of those around them whom we are close to, which is an “up-close encounter”, or finally through;
  • Spiritual impartations;

The natural disposition and tendency of humans is to bemoan and groan as it were, of the “emptiness found in a half-filled cup” rather than being thankful and grateful for the “FULLNESS of the half-filled cup” Such a disposition has kept us dissatisfied all the days of our lives even though surrounded by many good and blessed aspects of life around us. In short, it has TRULY robbed so many of us far too long of living in prosperity! Hence how then can we transcend into living a prosperous life here and now, not someday somewhere? Here then are some suggested ways and means which we can live in a state of prosperity at all times:

  1. Recognise, accept, internalise and receive the TRUTH that prosperity is not about tangible financial wealth but about realising the wealth in the intangibles of life such as healthy relationships, healthy bodies, good families, peaceful lives, even good weather, clean air, clean water, abundance to eat etc;
  2. Cultivate a habit and a natural disposition of thanksgiving and being grateful for the good things we have. This can take time given that it is a “re-programming” exercise of our minds and our wills. A grateful heart which is abounding in thanksgiving is a heart which invites peace and rests into it. It is a powerful antidote against depression and sense of hopelessness;
  3. Sow or Invest in those things which helps propagate healthy relationships, healthy bodies, healthy homes etc;
  4. Look out for those things in life which give you “hope” for what you are aspiring towards. Hope is a “living force” which emanates from the human spirit and it makes the heart glad. Hope and Faith go hand in hand, for one cannot exist without the other. In order for hope to take root and become that living force, we need to have faith in something or some One.

Let us then, practice living in prosperity here and now and resist everything that tries to pull us away and tempt us to look at what is “not” rather than what “is”. Guest post by Paul Nathan.

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