Your role in stress management?

We have all had it…the gutt wrenching feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed with work! As a manager, this cannot be ignored; and for good reason!

There are many articles online, giving advice on leadership, role clarity and development of staff that you can read. It remains a balancing act to master the art of managing stress levels of both your team and yourself. Being able to manage your employees’ workload is a great bonus. This week, we are sharing how a Fortix Enterprise platform can do this on a daily basis.

Assigning Importance & Urgency

As standard practice in creating work requests, you assign a priority relating to how ‘important’ the job is (Low, Normal, High) and select the Due Date when the task completion is expected.


The left hand information box is filled out by the requestor. The box on the right shows how the recipient sees the importance and urgency of the request.

Viewing Workloads 

What happens when everything is High Priority and everything starts to back up?  Firstly don’t stress, the platform has several ways to find out who is assigned to which task enabling tasks to be re-assigned if needed.


This is an image from a report in the Fortix Enterprise platform showcasing the number of work requests per person.

Managing Priorities

That’s all great, but what happens when there is only one person equipped to perform a specialised task and their work is piling up more than ever! How can we let them know which task is to be completed first? In comes the Work Priority report, which helps queue work for users based on priority:


Read from left-to-right, the Work Priority Report lets users know which job needs to be dealt with first!

These are just some of the features that we have to help businesses manage stress levels in their workplace!  If you are currently using a Fortix Enterprise platform, share your comments with us on how these features have helped your staff!

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