Are you ready for business life post Pandemic?

The painful disruptions visited upon people’s lives, and livelihoods are impossible to ignore, but there are positive outcomes for us all. Sanitation practices have been rapidly upgraded at most businesses, and many more things are changing the business landscape. The ‘new normal’ for businesses is likely to continue even after COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

Here are some business trends that are likely to last longer than the coronavirus pandemic.

Cashless and Contactless Trading

Businesses that continue to deal with consumers face to face, including restaurants and shops, are making changes to reduce close contact between workers and customers. Several stores have also added contact-free pickup and delivery services, and this level of convenience and safety is likely to remain popular.

 Accelerate e-commerce

The e-commerce trend intensified during the coronavirus pandemic as many traditional “non-essential” stores were closed, and people were less comfortable to go out to buy items. As more consumers adjust to the convenience of e-commerce, many people may not want to go back to crowded stores. The growing e-commerce trend also includes local stores moving online sales to offset lost sales and reach non-local customers.

Delivery Services

With so many people working at home and spending that time, it should come as no surprise that businesses of all sizes employ extra delivery workers. Retailers, restaurants, grocery stores and more hire local delivery managers to make shopping safe and easy.


The implementation of robots in workspaces and factories has already been felt like an inevitability due to automation. But the category of robotics is getting more attention because robots can’t get sick and it can help fill worker gaps. New examples of popular robots include mobile machines that can clean and disinfect and drones that can deliver light packages such as prescriptions. This is just to scratch the surface of robots in a few years.

The Work From Home Revolution

Many people are now working from home for the first time.  Now more than ever, people are much more willing to do more and more video-based meetings, which allow them to save on overhead costs. And working hours are likely to become more flexible in any industry that makes this possible.

So what are the opportunities hidden in this post-pandemic for you? What can you do to increase your service and create value for your customers?

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