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Digital Automation. – the way to go. Part 2.

In part one, we have been discussing ways to grow your business using Digital Automation. Careful selection of smart technologies such as digitising your documents, using the Internet of Things and employing a Fortix Digital Manager will help you to turbocharge your business.

You can use autonomous moving robots to locate, locate and move inventory and to improve your warehouse operations. Advanced robotics can help reduce ordering time and enhance productivity gains, or relieve workers of monotonous or dangerous tasks.

You can use artificial intelligence and related innovations like smart ‘chatbots’ to provide relevant information to your customers.

You can experiment with 3D printing to quickly make prototypes, manufacture complex parts and manufacture on-demand, with a quick turnaround, closer to the need. You can also use it to produce customised products, customised according to your customer’s specifications.

You can use automation to customise your products.

Digital platforms can offer your customers the opportunity to create or customise features of your products before putting them into production. New sources of revenue may become available as you tune your products to the market needs.

Virtual reality and augmented reality systems can be used to improve many areas of your business, including new hire training, machinery operation or equipment construction.

For example, you can use augmented reality glasses to deliver work instructions in the worker’s field of vision, rather than locating the instructions in a physical manual. You can project layouts, assembly guidelines, or the serial numbers of the components on parts to facilitate faster, easier, or safer work procedures.

Don’t forget to connect all individual technologies together and integrate it into a single flowing system. The power of digital transformation will be unlocked by your ability to integrate systems together.

Fortix Data Collector will integrate all your digital systems into a single platform, and automated triggers can keep all information in sync and relevant.

There is no particular prescribed path to digital transformation. All the technologies cannot be implemented at once.  A pilot project will help you determine the benefits you can expect to achieve from a specific digital automation initiative.

Ultimately, it would be best if you chose to adopt those technologies that best suit the needs of your business and your industry.

Now is the time to act and prepare your business for digital automation.

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