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Satisfaction equals loyalty. Satisfying customers’ desire to be in control offers tremendous potential for a business to build lasting loyalty.

Remember the time when jeans came in one flavour, and they fitted like a sack? They were incredibly uncomfortable; however, if you wore them long enough and washed them enough times, they started to grow on you.

I went to replace my jeans recently. I said, “I want a pair of jeans. Here’s my size.”

And the shopkeeper said, “Do you want a relaxed fit, easy fit, slim fit? Do you want acid-washed or stonewashed? Do you want tapered or boot cut? Zipper fly or button fly? Do you want them distressed?

Spending some time trying on all these different jeans, I finally walked out with the best-fitting-great-looking jeans I had ever had. They were very comfortable, and they looked great. I was thrilled.

All this choice made it possible for me to be delighted.

And the time invested paid off, for now, I know what feels good and looks great. Instead of going back to the store to and go through the fitting regime – I buy them on-line three at a time.

I am a satisfied, loyal customer.

We live in an era of consumer empowerment, and in this era, the formula for success is relatively simple. When customers feel empowered and satisfied, they are likely to become loyal returning ones.

However, this doesn’t mean that having more choices is always a good thing. The sheer number of decisions available makes people overthink their choices, which leaves them with a lingering “what if?” question.

Consumer confusion and decision anxiety can be reduced by offering decision support systems—these systems should include personal ideals and allow customers to define their preferences before making a choice.

The key is to find the balance between offering enough choices to attract buyers and actively helping them navigate the options – providing proactive decision support.

Focus on reducing choice complexity by helping customers quickly understand the differences between options and the consequences associated with each choice.

The British grocery store Waitrose recently did just that by implementing a ‘Pick Your Own Offers’ program that allows customers to receive specials on the products of their choice, as an alternative to giving coupons that were regularly unwanted and therefore unused. It is not surprising that the program has brought in thousands of new customers. If you offer your customers options, you can also provide a more personalised experience.

Partnering with Fortix

We are developing software as a service customised to suit your business and thus providing a service to you because everyone’s sales process is unique with its flavour and nuances.

Fortix is built with tremendous flexibility in mind, as one size will not fit all customers. Adopting a highly customisable CRM system like Fortix can help you create the unique platform your sales, projects, marketing and customer service teams need to gain a competitive edge.

Customise Fortix with your exact business and manufacturing processes, enabling each user to personalise their experience for maximum efficiency.

You can design and shape each Fortix module in a few simple steps. Thus reducing the learning curve, improved user acceptance resulting in productivity improvement that has a positive impact on your bottom line.

With Fortix, you can rename the features or even disable the parts you do not need. Keep your sales process simple, focused and productive by removing distractions from your path.

Additional fields can be added, giving you access to a rich set of customer information, complementing the existing contact information, email, documents, activities, social media updates, purchase history, preferences, latest interactions and more!

Fortix automated workflows can be set up for your processes, while each user can streamline their views to precisely what they need to see.

Set up your contacts and gain visibility into your marketing campaign statistics, including successful deliveries, openings, clicks, and bounces. Sync Fortix quickly with MailChimp using our built-in integration.

Fortix Forms enables businesses not just to streamline the flow of information but improve the quality of the data. Our app-based platform allows users on iOS, Android and Windows to complete customer-specific forms in the office and in the field.  

Be it creating quotes, collecting general data, service data, installation data, asset management or even simple documents like leave requests can be completed efficiently and quickly. All forms are tailored to enhance the current paper forms they replace.  

In addition to the standard feature where we can make it that users need to complete certain parts before they are allowed to submit the form, we can collect images, video, audio, signatures and drawings.  All submissions carry a GSP stamp for easy auditing of form completion*.

In Fortix, the Xero integration gives you a seamless and straightforward way to share data between Xero accounting software and your existing Fortix system. By adding this integration, you can save hours on manual data entry, get more visibility into spend, and more.

Fortix is the only technology company that provides a full end to end business automation located in Perth, Western Australia. For more information about Fortix, visit

Call 1300 426 311 to find out more about how Fortix can assist you in growing your business.

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