How to Archive Resources

Archiving in Fortix is the process of assigning Resource data that is no longer actively used to the Archived category for long-term retention. Resource archives are categorised as archived can be easily located and retrieved. This article explains how Stock Resources can be Archived.

Click Resources in the heading bar under PRODUCTS & RESOURCES. The Resources page open with a list of active RESOURCES.

The address bar link is /?stock_resources

Within the row of the Resource click the down arrow on the Action tab. Select Archive Resource.

The message will display that the record has been successfully archived.

Should the Resource be used as a resource component, the error message will display that is already being used.

Multiple Resources can be selected and archived simultaneously. Tick the boxes of all the resources that need to be Archived. Then click the Archive icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Before archiving records, a filter can be applied to sort appropriately by sorting on one of the top columns.

Click the down arrow next to Resources to view the Archived or Active Resources. Click Apply after selecting the radio button.