How to create an Estimate from Opportunity lists

Unlike quotes, estimates are not legally binding. Many businesses find estimates are an effective way to indicate the likely cost and scope of a job without committing to prices and terms. Estimates are particularly valuable if you are initially engaging a customer’s interest in your products or services or waiting on clearer information about your customer’s requirements. Estimates are also useful if you are unable to guarantee prices of materials or labour or are unsure about the size of the job.

Estimates are not a substitute for effort. Don’t use an estimate just because you don’t know the details of the job. Try to find out the specifics and provide a quote instead. This article explains how to set up estimates in Fortix from the list of Opportunities.

The Quick address link is: /?opportunities EG.

Navigate to the Opportunities page, by clicking BUSDEV then Opportunities. The Opportunities page opens with a list of opportunities. In the row of the opportunity where the estimate has to be created, click the down arrow in the Action Tab.

Select Add Estimate by Clicking on it.

The Estimates & Approvals page opens with the ADD NEW ESTIMATE form enabled.

Follow instructions in the How to create an Estimate article.

Note that after adding an estimate and approving the estimate the numbers appear next to Add Estimate in brackets. To edit or view the estimates, click on the numbers.

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