How to Enter a New Opportunity

This article explains how to enter a New Opportunity into Fortix.

The quick link in the address bar is: /?opportunities

Click BUS DEV. The Opportunities page opens.

Locate the Add New option on the right-hand side of the Opportunities page. Click Add New.

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Enter a Unique Name in the Opportunity Name field.

Select the Opportunity Type by clicking on the drop-down arrow and check the box of the appropriate Opportunity Type.

Opportunities - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Click on the pencil to Add a New Opportunity Type. The OPPORTUNITY TYPES form opens. Click the + sign and add as many opportunity types as needed. Click the cross to delete types not needed.

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  1. Add a description in the Details fields so to easily understand what this opportunity is about.
  2. Enter the Probability of this opportunity realising into revenue for the business.
  3. Estimate the revenue value of what the transaction might be worth.
  4. Enter the Status of the opportunity.
  5. Complete the new prospect details fro this opportunity. Alternatively, find the Existing Contact.
Opportunities - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

  1. Select the Rank of the Opportunity based on the current situation and relationship.
  2. Select the Owner of the opportunity. The default is the user entering the Opportunity. A sales team can be allocated to the Opportunity by adding Co-owners to the opportunity.
  3. Enter Referral. It is not a compulsory field but should be a priority. This would be a person that told you about the opportunity. Word of mouth, email enquiry, telephone call. Record where this opportunity originated from.
  4. Enter the Source of this opportunity by choosing from the drop-down list after clicking on the down arrow. Enter descriptions in the Source Note and Marketing fields
Opportunities - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Click SAVE.

The Opportunity page will open where a summary of the opportunity will be displayed.

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Opportunities - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome