How to Setup Marketing Lists Settings

For increased efficiency and control of the Marketing Lists, a Setup function is used to determine some default behaviour for developing a marketing list. This article explains how these settings will impact on the Marketing search form.

Click the Gear Setup icon and Scroll down to the CRM section. Click Lists Setup.

The Setup page will open with the LISTS SETUP form being activated. These Default Value Settings impacts the Marketing Lists Search.

Use Main Contact Only  Set to Yes will result in an automatic setting in the ADD NEW LIST form of the Marketing Lists to  Yes as well or vice versa.

This can still be changed in the ADD NEW LIST form to whatever value is required.

Enable Marketing Lists Changelog  Setting to Yes will result in the ACTIVITY LOG records to be displayed in the Marketing Lists page.

Remember that most of the above functions can only be set by users with specific permissions to the system, so if you would like to get your system looking and feeling good, drop us a line on