How to View the Opportunities Change-log

A Opportunities changelog is a list which contains a chronologically ordered list of changes for the specific Opportunity. To make it easier for users and contributors to follow the sequence of what changes have been made in the duration of the opportunity.

On the Opportunities page, Select the Opportunity by clicking on the underlined opportunity name.

The address bar Link is: /?opportunities

The Opportunity Page opens. Scroll down to the end of the page to view the Opportunity Changelog.

Should the changelog not be visible, click the Screen Layout Icon.

The Screen Layout – Opportunities page opens with the SETUP form enabled. Locate the Change LogComponent in the Available (hidden) components Column.

Move the Change Log Component from the Available (hidden) components Column by selecting and dragging to Column #1.

View Changelog

The OPPORTUNITY CHANGE LOG displays every change that has happened with the Opportunity including Tag changes.

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