Update Stock Levels Procedure

Stock is how your business makes money and stays afloat, so to ignore keeping it under control can mean serious consequences. Your business will take regular stock reviews to establish whether new stock must be ordered. This considers pre-determined figures that help business leaders make the decision to order new stock or hold off. Many businesses operate a minimum stock level – the lowest point stock can go before more is ordered.

This article explains how to update the stock levels in Fortix.


Please note that part of this procedure – removing unused blocked resources has to be completed by the Fortix team. Please let us know at least 7 business days prior to the stocktake so we can plan to complete this procedure with you. Once you import the stock levels we need to release blocked resources. You can contact Fortix via support@fortix.com.au

Exporting all resources for stock update

To get a list of all current resources navigate to the resources page by clicking Resources in the heading bar under PRODUCTS & RESOURCES. The Resources page open with a list of active RESOURCES.

The address bar link is /?stock_resources

Click the More Menu.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Select Export.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Select Default Export and click EXPORT.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The current list of resources is exported. The list by default will include the “Resource” which is the name of the resource and the “Internal Code” columns

Resources (4)  [Protected View] - Excel

Adjusting Stock Levels Up / Down

The New Stock Transactions will be created to adjust stock levels up or down with the price used from the Resource default supplier cost.

When counting the stock do not count items that will be used for the production of jobs that are already opened or are in progress (Sales Order status New, InProgress). Count only stock that will be used for future new orders (not yet in the system).

Fortix will keep blocked resources for the above orders without the change. All new orders will allocate resources from the updated stock.

To make the stock-take easier use the Stock List Report showing all allocated resources currently in production. Filter Sales Order statuses as New / In Progress to get a list of all blocked resources (grouped by resource).

Navigate to Reports and find the Stock List report under STOCK REPORTS.

The address bar link is /?stock_list

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

To filter the Blocked Resources, click the down arrow in the Stock Location field and select Blocked Resources.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Filter the Sales Order Status/ Project Status field to show New, In Progress or On-Hold if required.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The QTY AVAILABLE column is showing currently blocked resources for work in progress (blocked). These resources should be excluded from the stocktake available stock.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Counting Stock

Count all available stock and update in the XLS file. Two options are available to update Fortix.

The first option is to use the Import Resources function in the More Menu.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

This import function can update more than just the quantities of the resources. Click the More Menu.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Select Download Import Template to populate the stock quantities.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The second option is to click the More Menu option on the Resources page and select Update Quantity.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Download the XLS template to populate the import resources quantities.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Count all available stock and update in the XLS file you have downloaded.

Update stock location column – e.g. QTY in Default the newly counted QTY.

After importing the system will adjust to the new QTY by creating translation type: Stock Adjustments with the difference in QTY.

E.g. If old QTY was 10 and new QTY in XLS is 4 then the new transaction will be created with QTY -6

The downloaded template will have the following columns:

1. Name – Name of the resource which the stock level will be updated, mandatory field

2. Internal Resource Code – internal resource code of the resource which the stock level will be updated, mandatory field

3. Location – Name of the location of the resource with a new quantity set in this location, optional if nothing is filled in the default location from the system will be used

4. Current Stock Qty – the new quantity of the resource in the selected/filled in a location that is available unallocated to any job, mandatory field, decimal number (2 decimal points)

5. Min. Stock Qty – the minimum stock quantity of the listed resource to be set, optional field

6. Max. Stock Qty – the maximum stock quantity of the listed resource to be set, optional field

7. Min. Reorder Qty from Default Supplier – minimum reorder quantity of the listed resource to be set when reordering the resource via a purchase order from the default resource supplier, optional field


The address bar link is for all stock locations is /?codelists&cl=stock_locations

Resources (4)  [Protected View] - Excel

Upload the filled-in template for import using ‘SELECT FILE” and click “IMPORT

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Fortix data import will first check if the data is valid, before attempting to import.

Fix any errors that might be in the data.

Picklists are lists of values you can set up for use in drop-down lists.

After fixing your data, Click TRY AGAIN, which will let you reload your data file.

When the data has been successfully loaded, The total records imported will be shown at the end of the INFO list.

Work in Progress Resource Allocation Update – Blocked Resources

Part of this procedure is to clean up and reset Blocked resources. Fortix Team will “release” blocked resources and keep only ones that are in the progress New / In Production status. Please also advise us about the jobs with On Hold if resources should be released as well or kept as blocked.

This needs to be completed as close to the stocktake as possible (after the stocktake) preferably the same day. Please advise when are you planning to undertake stocktake at least 7 business days prior so Fortix can plan the delivery.

Note: Any sales orders/jobs or quotes that are deleted are considered as NOT work in progress and allocated resources against these sales orders/jobs will be removed.