Partnership Announcement – Cohesis

Growing businesses ultimately require employees to do their work differently, however, this can cause problems if not handled or planned correctly. Unfortunately, organisations are often reluctant to adequately invest and commit to change management but the probability of success in implementing growth strategies rapidly increases if supported by effective planning and IT change strategies.

Fortix has partnered with Cohesis to enable our clients to increase the probability of successful growth strategies.

The Problem

Organisations embark on growth strategies, often labelled Digital Transformation projects to unlock additional value streams and drive growth.

Estimates vary, but recent figures suggest as many as 80% of Digital Transformation projects failed to deliver the benefits initially intended.

This is often due to either:

– a lack of clear strategy;

– a failure to mitigate IT Risks; and

– ineffective change management.

The Solution

To help organisations deal with these challenges, Cohesis has developed a range of complementary services designed to support organisations in moving to that next level. We work to help organisations implement robust IT Risk Management Strategies, improve their Cyber Security posture and implement Change Management strategies that deliver long term value.

Our team of experts work with senior leaders to identify specific pain points in these areas and develop targeted action plans to resolve them. Typically, we help businesses who are looking to:

– plan for their next phase of growth;

– drive operational efficiencies within their IT teams;

– mitigate cybersecurity or privacy issues; or

– build or implement new software.


To see how we do this, please watch the video below:


As you can see in the above video our services can be tailored to suit the needs of each organisation which can vary between aligning IT needs and business goals; managing the challenges of growth; developing new software; developing cybersecurity action plans to protect networks, systems and applications from cyber risk; or simply to manage key projects to a successful completion.

The company

Cohesis, founded in Perth, is a fresh new company, with a rapidly growing client base.
It’s founder, Simon Cohen, has based the services Cohesis offers on over 20 years experience in IT ranging from building Software Development teams, delivering IT services, developing IT Strategies and implementing a wide variety of International Projects & Programmes.


The benefits

Through the partnership, Cohesis and Fortix offer a seamless experience in implementing a customisable range of SAAS business applications along with strategies to increase profitability and efficiencies whilst mitigating risks.


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