Track your sales opportunities

In order for a business to thrive, effectively tracking your sales funnel is essential to ensure business opportunities are not lost.    This is possible by using the Fortix Opportunity Management system.  The beauty of this system is that it is clear and reasonably intuitive to use.

The Opportunities Register sits within the Bus Dev tab.  To add a new opportunity, simply click ‘Add New’ and you will be transported to the entry screen:

Opportunity Register

Along with the typical entry fields (ie. Name, phone, email, etc), there are some great filters that can help you streamline your opportunities management process:

  1. Opportunity Type: as your business expands and you have multiple product streams, this can be used to categorise which prospects or jobs are aligned with each product.
  2. Probability of Success: Although a subjective metric, an excellent filter to use when resources are scarce.
  3. Estimated value: After initial assessment of an opportunity, the ballpark value should be evident. This is again an easy way to prioritise your opportunities.

Once the opportunity is live, its status, value, and probability of success can be tracked over time (one of the many reasons we think this tool is so great):

Track Opportunities

When multiple opportunities in various categories are compared, it becomes easier to see patterns and causes of poor (or strong) performance, whether it be an underperforming employee, a work item where the company has weak competency in, or trends in volume of certain opportunities over time.

It’s a powerful sales funnel tool and (although we’ve only just scratched the surface in this post) it is one that we highly recommend.

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